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rot en inglés británico

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rotverb [ I or T ]

uk /rɒt/ us /rɑːt/ -tt-

C2 to (cause something to) decay:

The fruit had been left to rot on the trees.
Rain has got in and rotted (away) the woodwork.
the smell of rotting fruit

Más ejemplos

  • Most of the crops had rotted in waterlogged fields.
  • Leave the leaves in a pile to rot.
  • Sugar rots your teeth.
  • The wood had rotted into dust.
  • Fruit had been left to rot in the fields.

rotnoun [ U ]

uk /rɒt/ us /rɑːt/

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rot en inglés americano

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rotverb [ I/T ]

us /rɑt/ -tt-

to decay, or to cause something to decay or weaken:

[ I ] The fallen apples rotted on the ground.
[ T ] Dampness rotted the old wood.
noun [ U ] us /rɑt/

Rot weakened the beams in the house.

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