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royalty en inglés británico

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uk /ˈrɔɪ.əl.ti/ us /ˈrɔɪ.əl.t̬i/

royalty noun (RULERS)

[ U, + sing/pl verb ] the people who belong to the family of a king and queen:

She believes she's related to royalty.

Más ejemplos

  • Her father is descended from Greek royalty.
  • Wherever there is royalty, there are always hangers-on.
  • This also gave him the opportunity to rub shoulders with royalty.
  • This has long been the haunt of royalty.
  • We were treated like royalty.

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royalty en inglés americano

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us /ˈrɔɪ·əl·ti/

royalty noun (PEOPLE)

[ U ] kings or queens and their families as a group, or the rank or power of these people:

They treated her like royalty.

royalty noun (PAYMENT)

[ C usually pl ] a payment made esp. to writers and musicians every time their books or songs are bought or used by others

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royalty en inglés de negocios

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royaltynoun [ C, usually plural ]

uk /ˈrɔɪəlti/ us plural royalties

FINANCE a payment made to a writer, musician, inventor, etc. every time something they have created or invented is bought or used by others:

Gross royalties from university inventions dropped from $23.1 million to $16.8 million.
a royalty payment
Internet radio companies reached a 10-year music royalty agreement with copyright holders.

FINANCE, NATURAL RESOURCES, PROPERTY an amount of money paid to land owners when oil, coal, etc. is taken from their land

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