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rung en inglés americano

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us /rʌŋ/

rung (RING)

past participle of ring

rungnoun [ C ]

us /rʌŋ/

rung noun [ C ] (STEP)

any of the short bars that form the steps of a ladder (= a device used for climbing), or fig. a level or stage of progress:

fig. Community colleges occupy the lower rung of the state’s higher education system.

(Definición de rung de Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

rung en inglés de negocios

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rungnoun [ C ]

uk /rʌŋ/ us informal WORKPLACE

a position in an organization or system with many levels:

the rungs of the ladder I worked my way up every rung of the corporate ladder.
the bottom/top rungs of sth Job replacement primarily occurs at the bottom rungs of the labor market ladder.
the lowest/highest rungs Families on the lowest economic rungs will be hit hardest.

(Definición de rung de Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)