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also sec


uk / -s/ /-z/ /-ɪz/ us / -s/ /-z/ /-ɪz/

short form of is:

It's in the cupboard.

short form of has:

She's gone home.

informal short form of does (only used in spoken questions):

How's this thing work?

short form of us (only used after "let"):

Let's go swimming this afternoon.


uk / -s/ /-z/ /-ɪz/ us / -s/ /-z/ /-ɪz/ also -es


uk / -s/ /-z/ /-ɪz/ us / -s/ /-z/ /-ɪz/


uk / -s/ /-z/ /-ɪz/ us / -s/ /-z/ /-ɪz/

used to show that the following thing belongs to the person or thing named:

the cat's tail
Patricia's dress
today's paper
the children's shoes

the house belonging to the stated person:

The boys are at Katy's.

UK the shop belonging to the stated person:

I got it at the greengrocer's.

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S en inglés americano

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Snoun [ C ]

plural S’s, Ss, s’s or ss also s us /es/

the 19th letter of the English alphabet

abbreviation for small

Note: Used esp. on clothing to show its size.

S.adjective, noun [ U ]

also So.

abbreviation for south or southern

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