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safety netnoun [ C usually sing ]

/ˈseɪf·ti ˌnet/

something, esp. a government program, that protects or helps people:

Unemployment insurance is a safety net for people who lose their jobs.

(Definición de safety net del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

safety net en inglés de negocios

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safety netnoun [ C ]

uk us

FINANCE, GOVERNMENT, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY a system or plan for helping people, companies, etc. that are having problems, especially financial problems:

The ability to declare bankruptcy is one of the oldest safety nets that the government provides working people.
The state set up a safety net for those who can't afford health insurance.
social/financial safety net In the old days, when there was no adequate social safety net, parents regarded having a son as making an investment for their old age.

(Definición de safety net del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)