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uk /seɪk/ us /seɪk/

sake noun (HELP)

for the sake of sb/for sb's sake

Más ejemplos

  • I'm trying to keep life normal for the sake of my two boys.
  • They were very unhappily married but kept up appearances for the sake of their children.
  • I hope for your sake that she's happy with the arrangements.
  • I hope he's there for Paul's sake.
  • I knew I had to stay calm for Maria's sake.

B2 in order to help or bring advantage to someone:

Please do it, for David's sake.
Their parents only stayed together for the sake of the children.
I hope for both our sakes that you're right!

sake noun (REASON)

for the sake of sth/for sth's sake

because of, or for the purpose of something:

Let's not disagree for the sake of (= because of) a few dollars.
Let's say, just for the sake of argument/for argument's sake (= for the purpose of this discussion), that prices rise by three percent this year.
You're only arguing for the sake of arguing (= because you like arguing).

sakenoun [ C or U ]

also saki uk /ˈsɑː.ki/ us /ˈsɑː.ki/

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sake en inglés americano

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us /seɪk/

sake noun (ADVANTAGE)

[ C ] an advantage or benefit:

For his sake, I hope he has some protection.
She tried to look healthy, for her husband’s sake.

sake noun (PURPOSE)

[ U ] purpose or reason:

He is unwilling to oppose it just for the sake of opposing.

(Definición de sake del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)