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Significado de “sale” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "sale" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   us   /seɪl/

sale noun (SELL)

B2 [C or U] an ​act of ​exchanging something for ​money: The sale ofcigarettes/​alcohol is ​forbidden. The ​buildingcompany gets ​commission on each ​house sale. I haven't made a sale all ​morning. They'll ​drop the ​pricerather than lose the sale.for sale A2 available to ​buy: Is this ​painting for sale? Our ​neighbours puttheirhouse up for sale (= ​started to ​advertise that they ​want to ​sell it) last ​week.sales [U, + sing/pl verb] the ​department of a ​company that ​organizes and does the ​selling of the company's ​products or ​services: He ​works in Sales. the sales ​department/​managersales [plural] B2 the ​number of ​productssold: Sales this ​yearexceeded the ​total for the two ​previousyears.
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[C] an ​occasion when things are ​sold in ​order to make ​money: a ​charity/​Christmas/​book saleUS a ​garage/​yard sale [C] an auction (= ​public sale): a sale of ​antiquefurniture a ​cattle saleon sale B1 available to ​buy in a ​shop: On sale at ​recordstores or return a ​system by which ​goods are ​supplied to shopsand can be ​returned if they are not ​sold within a ​particularperiod of ​time: We can ​supplygoods on a sale or ​return basis.
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sale noun (CHEAP PRICE)

A2 [C] an ​occasion when ​goods are ​sold at a ​lowerprice than ​usual: a mid-season/​end-of-season sale a ​clearance/closing-down sale I ​bought this in the ​January sales. sale ​goods/​priceson sale A2 mainly US (UK usually in the sale) reduced in ​price: Can you ​tell me if this ​dress is in the sale?
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(Definition of sale from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "sale" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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 us   /seɪl/

sale noun (ACT OF SELLING)

[C/U] an ​act of ​exchanging something for ​money: [U] You ​paytax on the ​profits from the sale of ​buildings. [C] The ​schoolraisedmoney from ​book sales, ​bake sales, and ​individualcontributors. [U] When I ​bought this ​house, there were many, many ​homes for sale (= ​available to be ​bought).


[C] an ​occasion when ​goods are ​sold at a ​lowerprice than ​usual: a ​clearance sale Are these ​dresses on sale (= ​reduced in ​price)?
(Definition of sale from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "sale" - Diccionario Inglés para los negocios

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salenoun [C or U]

uk   us   /seɪl/
COMMERCE the ​act or ​process of ​selling something: make a sale The ​salesman was eager to make a quick sale. agree a salecomplete/close a sale When the ​time came to ​close the sale, another ​page had been ​added to the ​ of sth The sale of tobacco ​items to ​minors is ​prohibited. car/​house/​ticket sales online/​internet sales
COMMERCE a ​period when a ​store is ​selling things at ​lowerprices than usual: have a sale a mid-season sale the January/July salesin the sale(s) I got a new coat for $50 in the sales.
an occasion when a particular ​type of ​product is being ​sold: The library has a ​book sale every ​year. a sale of Oriental carpets
sales [plural] FINANCE, COMMERCE the ​number of ​productssold and the ​amount of ​money a ​company receives from ​selling its ​products and ​services: The South African fruit ​company has ​annual sales of $750 million.sales rise/increase/go up Last ​year sales ​rose by 14% to €8.4 million. sales ​fall/​decline/go downdecline/fall/reduction in sales Management is worried about the ​decline in sales. The ​departmentachieved its monthly sales ​target.
sales [U] WORKPLACE the ​business of ​sellingproducts or ​services, or the ​department in a ​company that is ​responsible for ​selling them: sales ​staff/​department/​officesales call/brochure These ​techniques can ​increase the ​effectiveness of your sales ​ in sales My father ​worked in sales for forty ​years. She used to be an ​administrator in the ​productiondepartment, but now she is in sales.
for sale being ​sold by the ​person or ​organization that ​owns it, and ​available to ​buy: The ​building has been for sale for thirteen months.put sth up for sale We have decided to put the ​company up for sale.
on sale available to ​buy: Tickets are on sale now! Everything goes on sale as soon as the doors ​open. being ​sold for a ​lowerprice than usual: All their men's ​clothing is on sale this week.
sale as seen UK used to say that the ​personselling a ​product or ​possession does not promise that what they are ​selling is in good ​condition or suitable for a particular ​purpose: The ​house is being ​sold sale as seen. Secondhand ​fitted kitchen for sale as seen.
(Definition of sale from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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