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satisfy en inglés británico

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satisfyverb [ T ]

uk /ˈsæt.ɪs.faɪ/ us /ˈsæt̬.ɪs.faɪ/

satisfy verb [ T ] (WANTING)

B2 to please someone by giving them what they want or need:

They have 31 flavours of ice cream - enough to satisfy everyone!
Come on, satisfy my curiosity (= tell me what I want to know) - what happened last night?
satisfy conditions/needs/requirements

C1 to have or provide something that is needed or wanted:

She satisfies all the requirements for the job.
There are three main conditions you must satisfy in order to become a member of the club.

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satisfy verb [ T ] (BELIEVING)

to make someone believe that something is true:

His explanation satisfied the court.
[ + (that) ] I satisfied myself (that) I had locked the door.
formal The authorities were satisfied of (= they accepted) the seriousness of his situation.

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satisfy en inglés americano

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satisfyverb [ T ]

us /ˈsæt̬·əsˌfɑɪ/

to please someone by giving the person something that is wanted or needed, or to make someone feel pleased because a particular desired result has happened:

Giving the baby her bottle seemed to satisfy her, and she stopped crying.
I am not really satisfied with the job you did.

To satisfy a standard is to show that you are qualified for it:

I’d like to go to that college if I can satisfy the entrance requirements.

To be satisfied is also to be sure, with all your doubts removed:

[ + that clause ] I’m satisfied that the doctors did all they could to save her.

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