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scheme en inglés

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schemenoun [ C ]

uk /skiːm/ us /skiːm/

an organized plan for doing something, especially something dishonest or illegal that will bring a good result for you:

He has a hare-brained/crazy scheme for getting rich before he's 20.

B2 mainly UK an officially organized plan or system:

Under the current marking/mark scheme, you need 90 percent to get an A.
a pension/savings scheme
There's a new scheme in our town for recycling plastic bottles.
Class sizes will increase under the new scheme.

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schemeverb [ I or T ]

uk /skiːm/ us /skiːm/ disapproving
noun [ C ] uk /ˈskiː.mər/ us /ˈskiː.mɚ/ disapproving

He's a schemer who always finds a way of getting what he wants.
adjective uk /ˈskiː.mɪŋ/ us /ˈskiː.mɪŋ/ disapproving

a secretive and scheming politician

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scheme en inglés americano

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schemenoun [ C ]

us /skim/

a plan for doing or organizing something:

The committee came up with a creative fundraising scheme.
The yellow and white color scheme brightened up the kitchen.

A scheme is also a secret and dishonest plan:

[ + to infinitive ] They devised a scheme to defraud the government of millions of dollars.

schemeverb [ I ]

us /skim/

to make a plan, esp. a secret and dishonest one:

[ + to infinitive ] He was scheming to get the top job from the moment he joined the company.
noun [ C ] /ˈski·mər/

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scheme en inglés de negocios

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schemenoun [ C ]

uk /skiːm/ us

UK GOVERNMENT, MANAGEMENT, FINANCE an officially organized plan or system:

a scheme to do sth The firm is lead developer on a scheme to construct 800 homes.
devise/come up with a scheme They have devised a scheme that allows entrepreneurs to benefit from each other's success.
introduce/launch/set up a scheme
run/operate a scheme Tesco runs a scheme to help managers spot talent.
a job-creation/training scheme
an incentive/mentoring scheme

disapproving a plan for getting an advantage for yourself, especially by deceiving others:

a scheme to do sth He was planning a scheme to rob people of their savings.
participate in/be involved in a scheme

schemeverb [ I ]

uk /skiːm/ us

disapproving to make clever secret plans which are intended to deceive people:

scheme against sb His staff were scheming against him.

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