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scope en inglés británico

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scopenoun [ U ]

uk /skəʊp/ us /skoʊp/

scope noun [ U ] (RANGE)

C1 the range of a subject covered by a book, programme, discussion, class, etc.:

I'm afraid that problem is beyond/outside the scope of my lecture.
Oil painting does not come within the scope of a course of this kind.
We would now like to broaden/widen the scope of the enquiry and look at more general matters.

Más ejemplos

  • The campaign appears to be growing in scope and intensity.
  • She complained that the plan was too limited in scope.
  • The scope of those talks is still to be determined.
  • Other schemes are much broader in their scope.
  • The matter falls outside the scope of the present committee.


uk / -skəʊp/ us / -skoʊp/

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scope en inglés americano

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scopenoun [ U ]

us /skoʊp/

scope noun [ U ] (RANGE)

the range of matters considered or dealt with:

We are going to widen the scope of the investigation.

scope noun [ U ] (OPPORTUNITY)

the opportunity for activity:

There is limited scope for further reducing the workforce.

scope noun [ U ] (DEVICE)

infml a device you look through to see something that is difficult to see directly, such as a microscope or a telescope

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scope en inglés de negocios

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scopenoun [ U ]

uk /skəʊp/ us

the range of things that an activity, company, law, etc. deals with:

large/ambitious in scope
beyond/outside the scope of sth He involved himself in affairs beyond the scope of his job.
within the scope of sth To come within the scope of the law of confidence, the information does not have to be particularly special.

the opportunity for doing something:

scope for (doing) sth There is scope for further improvement.

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