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uk /skræp/ us /skræp/ -pp-


uk /skræp/ us /skræp/

scrap noun (METAL)

C2 [ U ] old cars and machines or pieces of metal, etc. that are not now needed but have parts that can be used to make other things:

scrap iron/metal
We sold our old car for scrap.

scrap noun (SMALL PIECE)

C2 [ C ] a small piece of something or a small amount of information:

Do you have a scrap of paper I could write on?
I've read every scrap of information I can find on the subject.
There's not a scrap of (= no) evidence to suggest that he committed the crime.
scraps [ plural ]

small pieces of food that have not been eaten and are usually thrown away:

We give all our scraps to our cat.

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scrap en inglés americano

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scrapverb [ T ]

us /skræp/ -pp-

scrap verb [ T ] (THROW AWAY)

to get rid of something no longer useful or wanted:

Over 60% of all Georgians want to keep the present flag and only 29% want to scrap it.


us /skræp/

scrap noun (MATERIALS)

[ U ] old or used material, esp. metal, that has been collected in one place, often in order to be treated so that it can be used again:

He was charged with stealing copper tubing, which he then sold as scrap metal.

scrap noun (SMALL PIECE)

[ C ] a small and often irregular piece of something, or a small amount of something:

He jotted it down on a scrap of paper.
[ pl ] She picked up scraps of information about her husband’s whereabouts, but nothing definite.

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scrapverb [ T ]

uk /skræp/ us -pp-

to decide not to continue with an activity or plan:

The bank has scrapped its plans for a property division.

to get rid of something that is no longer useful or wanted, especially so that its parts can be used:

The car would have cost so much to repair that I decided to scrap it.

scrapnoun [ U ]

uk /skræp/ us COMMERCE

old material, especially metal, that can be sold and used again:

scrap metal
send/use sth for scrap The building materials were sent for scrap.
a scrap dealer

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