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scrape en inglés británico

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uk /skreɪp/ us /skreɪp/


uk /skreɪp/ us /skreɪp/

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scrape en inglés americano

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scrapeverb [ I/T ]

us /skreɪp/

to remove something by rubbing something rough or sharp against it, or to rub part of your body against something rough that tears away or injures your skin:

[ T ] Jackie scraped her knee on the wall as she was climbing over it.
[ T ] Sheila scraped the snow off the windshield of her car.
[ I ] The metal gate scraped along the ground when I opened it.

scrapenoun [ C ]

us /skreɪp/

a slight injury caused by having your skin rubbed against something rough:

She had a few scrapes from the accident in the parking lot, but nothing serious.

infml A scrape is also a difficult situation that you are in because of your own actions:

Oh, he’s had a few scrapes with the law when he was younger, but he’s straightened his life out now.

(Definición de scrape del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)