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scrub en inglés británico

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uk /skrʌb/ us /skrʌb/ -bb-


uk /skrʌb/ us /skrʌb/

scrub noun (CLEAN)

[ S ] UK the act of rubbing something hard in order to clean it, especially using a stiff brush, soap, and water:

Kids, give your hands a good scrub and come and get your dinner!

[ C ] a substance that you use to clean your skin and make it softer, especially one that is slightly rough and will remove old skin:

scrub noun (CLOTHES)


[ plural ] mainly US loose clothes worn by doctors and nurses in a hospital:

I saw a photo of her in doctor's scrubs.
adjective uk /ˈskrʌb.i/ us /ˈskrʌb.i/

covered with short trees and bushes:

scrubby vegetation

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scrub en inglés americano

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scrubverb [ I/T ]

us /skrʌb/ -bb-

scrub verb [ I/T ] (CLEAN)

to clean something by rubbing it hard:

[ T ] After the tomato sauce boiled over, I had to scrub the stove.
[ I ] You scrub and scrub, but those marks never come off.

scrubnoun [ U ]

us /skrʌb/

scrub noun [ U ] (PLANTS)

low trees and bushes that grow in dirt that is not especially good or where it is windy and dry

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