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sellout en inglés británico

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selloutnoun [ C usually singular ]

uk /ˈsel.aʊt/ us /ˈsel.aʊt/

sellout noun [ C usually singular ] (BROKEN PROMISE)

disapproving a situation in which someone does not do what they have promised to do or what they should do:

Most of the workers see the union agreement as a sellout.


/ˈsel.aʊt/ /ˈsel.aʊt/

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sellout en inglés americano

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selloutnoun [ C ]

us /ˈselˌɑʊt/

sellout noun [ C ] (SUCCESSFUL SALES)

the selling of all the tickets to an event, or of all available items:

Saturday’s show was a sellout.

sellout noun [ C ] (MONEY OPPORTUNITY)

the act of doing something selfishly for money, without considering principles or damage to others:

The peace deal was praised by some as a courageous breakthrough while others condemned it as a sellout.

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