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uk /ˈsɪə.ri.ə us /ˈsɪr.i.ə

seriously adverb (BADLY)

B1 badly or severely:

Badly cooked shellfish can make you seriously ill.
He wasn't seriously injured - he just got a few cuts and bruises.

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seriously adverb (NOT JOKING)

B2 in a serious way, not joking:

Seriously now, did he really say that or are you just being silly?
You're not seriously thinking of leaving, are you?

seriously adverb (NEEDING ATTENTION)

take sb/sth seriously

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  • You don't take me seriously any more!
  • We have to take complaints like this very seriously.
  • We take this sort of thing very seriously indeed.
  • Doctors will always take this symptom seriously.
  • I was joking - don't take me so seriously!

B2 to consider a person, subject, or situation to be important or dangerous and worth your attention or respect:

The police have to take any terrorist threat seriously.
You don't take anything seriously, do you? It's all one big joke to you.
She's sick of being seen as a sex symbol and wants to be taken seriously as an actress.
These young actors take themselves so seriously!

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