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several en inglés británico

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severaldeterminer, pronoun

uk /ˈsev.ər.əl/ us /ˈsev.ɚ.əl/

A2 some; an amount that is not exact but is fewer than many:

I've seen "Gone with the Wind" several times.
Several people have complained about the plans.
Several of my friends are learning English.

Más ejemplos

  • As a racing driver, he was involved in many serious crashes and had cheated death on several occasions.
  • We carried the picture carefully through to the main exhibition, circumnavigating several obstacles en route.
  • She undertook several clandestine operations for the CIA.
  • It took several hours to clear the road after the accident.
  • The road clings to the coastline for several miles, then it turns inland.

severaladjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˈsev.ər.əl/ us /ˈsev.ɚ.əl/ formal

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several en inglés americano

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severaladjective [ not gradable ]

us /ˈsev·rəl, -ər·əl/

(of an amount or number) more than two and fewer than many; some:

I’ve seen "Star Wars" several times.


us /ˈsev·rəl, -ər·əl/

some of the people or things:

Several in the building have complained about the fumes.

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