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shamblesnoun [ S ]

uk /ˈʃæm.bəlz/ us /ˈʃæm.bəlz/ informal

a state of confusion, bad organization, or untidiness, or something that is in this state:

After the party, the house was a total/complete shambles.
Our economy is in a shambles.
The way these files are arranged is the biggest shambles I've ever seen.

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shambles en inglés americano

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shamblesnoun [ U ]

us /ˈʃæm·bəlz/

a place or situation that is in a state of confusion or disorder:

The morning after the party, the house was a complete shambles.
The strike-shortened basketball season was a shambles.

Shambles is also a messy or confused state:

The candidate claimed that the economy was in (a) shambles.

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