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uk /ʃæmˈpuː/ us /ʃæmˈpuː/ plural shampoos

A2 [ C or U ] a liquid used for washing hair, or for washing particular objects or materials:

an anti-dandruff shampoo
a carpet shampoo
Directions: wet hair, apply shampoo, and massage into a rich lather.

[ C ] an act of washing something, especially your hair, with shampoo:

My hair/The rug/The dog needs a shampoo.
She went to the hairdressers for a shampoo and set.

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shampooverb [ T ]

uk /ʃæmˈpuː/ us /ʃæmˈpuː/

to wash something with shampoo:

Duncan shampooed my hair and then Tracy cut it.

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shampoo en inglés americano

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shampoonoun [ C/U ]

us /ʃæmˈpu/ plural shampoos

a liquid soap used for washing the hair, or the act of washing the hair with this liquid:

[ U ] a bottle of shampoo
[ C ] The dog needs a shampoo.

A shampoo is also a liquid used to clean certain thick materials:

[ C ] a rug shampoo
verb [ T ] us /ʃæmˈpu/ present tense shampoos, present participle shampooing, past tense and past participle shampooed

He took a shower and shampooed his hair.

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