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uk /ʃɪər/ us /ʃɪr/ sheared, sheared or shorn

shear verb (CUT)

[ T ] to cut the wool off a sheep:

The farmer taught her how to shear sheep.

[ T ] to cut the hair on a person's head close to the skin, especially without care:

He recalled the humiliation of having his hair shorn and exchanging his clothes for the prison uniform.
be shorn of sth

to have something taken away from you:

The ex-president, although shorn of his official powers, still has influence.

shear verb (BREAK)

[ I ] specialized engineering If part of something, especially something made of metal, shears, it breaks into two pieces, usually because of a sideways force:

The old screws holding the engine casing had sheared (off).
noun [ U ] uk /ˈʃɪə.rɪŋ/ us /ˈʃɪr.ɪŋ/

sheep shearing

shearnoun [ U ]

uk /ʃɪər/ us /ʃɪr/

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shear en inglés americano

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shearverb [ T ]

us /ʃɪr/ past tense sheared, past participle sheared or shorn /ʃɔrn, ʃoʊrn/

shear verb [ T ] (CUT)

to cut off the hair of an animal or a person:

The barber sheared Jim’s hair, just like you’d shear a sheep.

shearnoun [ U ]


shear noun [ U ] (MOVEMENT)

earth science movement in the plates in the surface of the earth that causes them to change shape or break

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