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shelve en inglés americano

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shelveverb [ T ]

us /ʃelv/

shelve verb [ T ] (PUT ON SHELF)

to put something on a shelf or shelves:

Would you shelve these books while I unpack the rest?

shelve verb [ T ] (DELAY)

to delay action on something:

I shelved plans to buy a new car, because I can’t afford it right now.

(Definición de shelve de Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

shelve en inglés de negocios

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shelveverb [ T ]

uk /ʃelv/ us

to decide to stop working on a plan, idea, etc. until a later time:

Financial problems have forced the company to shelve their expansion plans.
Public pressure led to a decision to shelve the project.

(Definición de shelve de Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)