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shiver en inglés británico

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shiververb [ I ]

uk /ˈʃɪv.ər/ us /ˈʃɪv.ɚ/

B2 When people or animals shiver, they shake slightly because they feel cold, ill, or frightened:

The poor dog - it's shivering!
He shivered with cold in his thin cotton shirt.

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shivernoun [ C ]

uk /ˈʃɪv.ər/ us /ˈʃɪv.ɚ/

the act of shaking slightly because you are frightened, cold, or ill:

I felt/gave a shiver as I looked out at the dark expanse of sea.
the shivers [ plural ]

a condition in which you shiver because you are ill:

She's aching and she has the shivers, so I've sent her to bed.

informal a feeling of being frightened of someone or something:

I don't like him - he gives me the shivers.

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shiver en inglés americano

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shiververb [ I ]

us /ˈʃɪv·ər/

(esp. of a person or animal) to shake slightly and quickly because of feeling cold, ill, or frightened:

Your creepy look makes me shiver.
Robbins shivered in the chill air.
noun [ C ] us /ˈʃɪv·ər/

"The temperature is down to 12 degrees," she said with a shiver.

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