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uk /ʃaʊər/ us /ˈʃaʊ.ɚ/

shower noun (WASHING DEVICE)

A1 [ C ] a device that releases drops of water through a lot of very small holes and that you stand under to wash your whole body:

The shower is broken - you'll have to have a bath.
Many British homes have a shower attachment fixed to the bath taps.
a shower curtain/cap

A1 [ C ] an acting of washing using a shower:

Do I have time to have a shower before we go out?

A1 [ C ] a place, usually in a bathroom, where a shower is situated:

He's in the shower at the moment. Do you want him to call you back?

Más ejemplos

  • There was one bathroom with a shower stall in the corner.
  • The bathroom mirror steamed up during my shower.
  • I tore my sweaty clothes off and jumped into the shower.
  • She came downstairs after her shower, wrapped in a towel.
  • You waste a lot of water by having a bath instead of a shower.

shower noun (RAIN)

B1 [ C ] a short period of rain or snow:

showers of rain, hail and sleet
You're soaked! Did you get caught in the shower?
There will be thundery/wintry showers over many parts of the country.
Snow showers are expected at the end of the week.

Más ejemplos

  • I got caught in a shower on my way to the shops.
  • We are expecting showers this afternoon.
  • At this time of year, sunshine and showers are typical.

shower noun (MASS)

a shower of sth

a lot of small objects or drops of liquid coming through the air:

There was a bang and a shower of sparks.
The pipe burst, sending out a shower of water.

a large amount of something:

She received a shower of praise from her colleagues.


uk /ʃaʊər/ us /ˈʃaʊ.ɚ/

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shower en inglés americano

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showernoun [ C ]

us /ˈʃɑʊ·ər/

shower noun [ C ] (RAIN)

a brief rain, or a light fall of snow:

a snow shower

A shower is also something that falls like rain:

a shower of sparks
a shower of confetti

shower noun [ C ] (DEVICE)

a device that sprays water on your body while you wash yourself, or an act of washing using such a device:

He stays in the shower until there is no more hot water!
Have I got time to take a shower before we go out?

shower noun [ C ] (PARTY)

a party held to give presents to someone who will soon be married or will become a parent:

a bridal shower
a baby shower


us /ˈʃɑʊ·ər, ʃɑʊər/

shower verb (GIVE)

[ T always + adv/prep ] to give a lot of something to someone:

His family showers him with love.

shower verb (RAIN)

[ I ] to rain briefly or snow lightly:

It showered on and off all afternoon.

shower verb (WASH)

[ I ] to wash yourself by using a shower:

I usually shower in the morning.

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