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sign up en inglés británico

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sign up

phrasal verb with sign uk /saɪn/ us /saɪn/ verb

B1 to agree to become involved in an organized activity:

[ + to infinitive ] I've signed up to make the sandwiches for the party.
She's signed up for evening classes at the community college.
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sign up en inglés americano

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sign up

phrasal verb with sign us /sɑɪn/ verb

to join a group or organization:

Kathy signed up for the soccer team this year.

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sign-up en inglés de negocios

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uk us

[ U ] an occasion when you start doing or having something or start being a member of a group, especially by signing a document:

Instead of paying a sign-up fee, investors pay a fee based on the amount they invest.
The card recently was charging $20 at sign-up and $3.50 a month to use.

[ C ] someone who starts to do or have something, for example someone who opens a bank account:

The bank has had hundreds of sign-ups for the new account.

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