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uk /slæʃ/ us /slæʃ/

[ I or T ] to cut with a sharp blade using a quick, strong movement:

The museum was broken into last night and several paintings were slashed.
She tried to commit suicide by slashing her wrists.
We had to slash (our way) through the long grass to clear a path.

[ T ] informal to very much reduce something, such as money or jobs:

Prices have been slashed by 50 percent!

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uk /slæʃ/ us /slæʃ/

slash noun (PUNCTUATION)

B2 [ C ] UK also oblique (stroke) the symbol / used in writing to separate letters, numbers, or words:

You often write a slash between alternatives, for example, "and/or".

spoken [ C ] UK also oblique (stroke) used to mean "or", or to show that something has two uses:

The room functions as a guest bedroom slash study.

slash noun (CUT)

a long, deep cut

[ C ] a fast, long movement to hit something:

Ben took a wild slash at the ball and luckily managed to hit it.

[ C ] a decorative opening in a piece of clothing, often with a different colour showing through it:

My new dress is pale blue, with a dark blue slash in the sleeves.

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slash en inglés americano

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us /slæʃ/

slash verb (REDUCE)

[ T ] to reduce an amount by a lot:

Airfares have been slashed on most domestic routes.

slash verb (CUT)

[ I/T ] to cut someone or something with a sharp blade in a quick, swinging action:

[ I ] Arauz slashed through brush with a machete.

slashnoun [ C ]

us /slæʃ/

slash noun [ C ] (SLOPING LINE)

a mark in the form of a sloping line (/), used in signs to mean not permitted, and to separate numbers or words:

The no-parking sign had a red slash through a picture of a car.
Fractions are often written with slashes, for example 2/3.

slash noun [ C ] (REDUCTION)

a large reduction in an amount:

a slash in prices

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slashverb [ T ]

uk /slæʃ/ us COMMERCE

to reduce the number or level of something by a large amount suddenly:

American businesses slashed 200,000 jobs in September.
slash sth from sth The retail giant is slashing €65m from prices.

slashnoun [ C ]

uk /slæʃ/ us

the symbol (/), used to show a range of possibilities, or between the two numbers of a fraction:

The address for this web page starts with http: and two slashes.
Two thirds is written as 2 slash 3.

(Definición de slash del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)