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slippagenoun [ C, usually singular or U ]

uk /ˈslɪpɪdʒ/ us

a reduction in the level or amount of something:

Every slippage on the stock exchange brought fear and wild accusations.
a slippage in sth Exports will offset the slippage in domestic demand.
There has been a greater slippage in labour standards in the North than in the South.

a failure to happen or finish on time:

News of the delay in production was not surprising, and observers expect further slippage.
the slippage of the book's publication date

FINANCE the difference between an expected result and the real result:

A slippage of about £3 billion will be announced by the Treasury this week.
margin/revenue slippage The $2 million is not enough to make up for the expected revenue slippage.

(Definición de slippage del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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