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uk /smæʃ/ us /smæʃ/

smash verb (BREAK NOISILY)

B2 [ I or T ] to cause something to break noisily into a lot of small pieces:

Rioters ran through the city, smashing windows and looting shops.
She dropped her cup and watched it smash to pieces/to smithereens on the stone floor.

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smash verb (MOVE FORCEFULLY)

[ I or T, + adv/prep ] to cause something to move with great force against something hard, usually causing damage or injury:

Several boats were smashed against the rocks during the storm.
He tried to smash the door down to get to me.
The car was travelling very fast when it smashed into the tree.
He threatened to smash my face in if I didn't give him the money.

[ I or T ] in tennis or volleyball, to hit the ball down towards the ground quickly and forcefully

smash verb (DEFEAT)

[ T ] to defeat someone or to destroy something completely:

The country's government said it would do whatever was necessary to smash the rebellion.

Phrasal verb(s)


uk /smæʃ/ us /smæʃ/

smash noun (NOISE)

[ S ] the sound of something being smashed:

I was woken by the smash of glass.

[ C ] the sound of something smashing against something:

The cars collided with a loud smash.

smash noun (ACCIDENT)

[ C ] UK also smash-up a road or train accident

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smash en inglés americano

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us /smæʃ/

smash verb (BREAK)

[ I/T ] to break into small pieces, esp. by hitting or throwing:

[ T ] Some kids smashed her bedroom window.
[ I ] Her cup fell and smashed to pieces on the stone floor.
[ M ] Police had to smash the door down to get into the house.
[ M ] The band reportedly smashed up their hotel room.

smash verb (HIT)

[ I/T ] to hit or move with force against something hard, usually causing damage or injury:

[ T ] She smashed her right knee in the accident.
[ I ] His car flipped over and smashed into a tree.

smash verb (DESTROY)

[ T ] to defeat or destroy completely:

The government smashed the rebellion.


us /smæʃ/

smash noun (BREAK)

[ U ] the sound of something breaking into small pieces:

I heard a smash and glass breaking.

smash noun (HIT BALL)

[ C ] a forcefully hit ball:

Robinson hit a smash to my left.

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