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snag en inglés británico

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snagnoun [ C ]

uk /snæɡ/ us /snæɡ/


uk /snæɡ/ us /snæɡ/ -gg-

snag verb (PROBLEM)

[ I or T ] mainly US to cause problems or difficulties for someone or something:

Financial problems have snagged the project for the past six months.
The negotiations have snagged on a dispute about who should chair them.

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snag en inglés americano

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snagnoun [ C ]

us /snæɡ/

snag noun [ C ] (PROBLEM)

a problem or difficulty that stops or slows the progress of something:

The team was close to signing him to a long-range contract, but talks have hit a snag.

snag noun [ C ] (TEAR OR HOLE)

a tear, hole, or loose fiber in a piece of clothing or cloth caused by a sharp or rough object:

a snag in a stocking


us /snæɡ/ -gg-

snag verb (BECOME CAUGHT)

[ I/T ] to catch on something sharp or rough and become damaged:

[ T ] Be careful not to snag your sweater on the rose bushes.

snag verb (OBTAIN)

[ T ] infml to obtain or catch something by acting quickly:

I hoped to snag a good job.

(Definición de snag del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)