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Significado de “snap” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "snap" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   us   /snæp/ (-pp-)

snap verb (BREAK)

C2 [I or T] to ​cause something that is ​thin to ​breaksuddenly and ​quickly with a crackingsound: You'll snap that ​ruler if you ​bend it too ​far. Some vandal's snapped off my ​caraerial again.C2 [I] to ​suddenlybecomeunable to ​control a ​strongfeeling, ​especiallyanger: When she ​asked me to ​postpone my ​trip to ​help her ​move to her new ​house, I just snapped (= got ​angry).
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snap verb (MOVE QUICKLY)

[I or T, usually + adv/prep] to ​move into a ​positionquickly, ​producing a ​shortnoise as if ​breaking: Tendons ​storeelasticenergy by ​stretching and then snapping back into ​shape like ​rubberbands. Simply snap the ​pieces into ​place. [I + adv/prep] to ​quicklyreturn to a ​previousplace or ​condition: After ​substantiallosses last ​year, the ​company has snapped back to ​profitability (= ​started making ​profits again).snap shut C2 If something snaps ​shut or is snapped ​shut, it ​closesquickly with a ​suddensharpsound: She snapped her ​bookshut and got up to ​leave. Her ​mouth snapped ​shut when she ​realized he'd ​heard everything she'd said about him.

snap verb (ANIMAL)

[I] If an ​animal snaps, it ​tries to ​bite someone: The ​guarddog was ​snarling and snapping behind the ​fence.

snap verb (SPEAK)

C2 [I or T] to say something ​suddenly in an ​angry way: There's no need to snap at me - it's not my ​fault that you ​lostyourwallet. [+ speech] "Well, I ​hate you too!" she snapped.

snap verb (PHOTOGRAPH)

[I or T] to take a lot of ​photographsquickly: He was ​arrested for snapping ​photos of a ​militaryparade. She's very ​pleased with her new ​camera and was snapping away the ​wholetime we were ​abroad.

snap verb (FASTEN)

[I or T] US to ​fasten using two ​smallpieces of ​metal or ​plastic, one of which is ​pushed into the other: He snapped up his ​jacket.


uk   us   /snæp/

snap noun (BREAKING NOISE)

[C usually singular] a ​suddenloudsound like something ​breaking or ​closing: She ​broke the ​stick over her ​knee with a ​loud snap. [C] US (UK press stud, snap fastener) a ​smallpiece of ​metal or ​plastic used to ​fastenclothes, with two usually round ​parts, one of which is ​pushed into the other

snap noun (PHOTOGRAPH)

[C] UK informal an ​informalphotograph that is not very ​skilful or ​artistic: holiday snaps Did you take many snaps while you were away?

snap noun (GAME)

[U] a ​cardgame in which the ​playerscompete to ​call out the word "snap" when they ​see two ​cards that have the same ​value: a ​game of snap

snap noun (SOMETHING EASY)

[S] US informal something that can be done without any ​difficulty: "Will you ​finish on ​time?" "Sure thing. It's a snap." Talking to ​girls is a snap for him.


[C] in American ​football, the ​act of ​passing the ​ballbackward to ​startplay

snapadjective [before noun]

uk   us   /snæp/
done ​suddenly without ​allowingtime for ​carefulthought or ​preparation: He always makes snap decisions and never ​thinks about ​theirconsequences.


uk   us   /snæp/
"Snap!" is what you say in the ​game of snap when two ​cards of the same ​value have been ​played. UK informal something that you say when you ​notice that two things are the same: Snap! We're ​wearing the same ​shirts!
(Definition of snap from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "snap" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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 us   /snæp/ (-pp-)

snap verb (BREAK)

[I/T] to ​break something ​quickly with a ​crackingsound: [I] High ​winds caused some ​powerlines to snap, and we ​lostourelectricity. [I/T] fig. People who snap ​suddenlylosecontrol of ​theirbehavior when they ​experience very ​strongemotions: [I] His ​lawyer said he just snapped.

snap verb (MOVE QUICKLY)

to move (something) or ​change into a new ​positionquickly: [M] The ​suddenstop of the ​car snapped his ​head back. If you snap ​yourfingers, you make a ​sudden, ​crackingnoise by ​pushing a ​finger against the ​base of ​yourthumb, usually in ​order to get someone’s ​attention.

snap verb (FASTEN/CLOSE)

[I/T] to make a ​quick, ​crackingsound by ​suddenlybringing together the two ​parts of something: [T] She snapped her ​briefcaseshut and ​marched out of the ​room. [I/T] If a ​dog snaps at you, it ​suddenlytries to ​bite you.

snap verb (SPEAK)

[I/T] to ​speak or say something ​suddenly in ​anger: [I] Don’t snap at ​yourbrother like that.


[T] to use a ​camera to take a ​photograph without ​spending a lot of ​time doing it: Washington is ​full of tourists snapping ​pictures of each other.
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 us   /snæp/

snap noun (SOMETHING EASY)

[C usually sing] infml something that can be done without any ​difficulty: Thinking that the ​exam would be a snap, she didn’t ​bother to ​study for it.


[C usually pl] a ​smallclothesfastener with two round ​parts, one of which is ​pushed into the other: The ​shirtfastens with snaps.

snap noun (BREAK)

[C usually sing] the ​act of ​breaking something ​stiff, or the ​crackingsound made when it ​breaks: The ​plastichandlebroke with a ​loud snap.


 us   /snæp/

snap adjective (SUDDEN)

done ​suddenly without ​allowingtime for ​carefulthought or ​preparation: Don’t make a snap ​decision – take some ​time to ​think it over.
(Definition of snap from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "snap" - Diccionario Inglés para los negocios

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snapverb [T]

uk   us   /snæp/ (-pp-)
to end a particular ​pattern of ​activity: July snapped a ​string of monthly ​gains. The Dow Jones Industrial Average ​rose 40.47 to 4383.87, snapping a two-session ​losingstreak.
(Definition of snap from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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