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uk /snəʊ/ us /snoʊ/

snow noun (WEATHER)

A1 [ U ] the small, soft, white pieces of ice that sometimes fall from the sky when it is cold, or the white layer on the ground and other surfaces that it forms:

Outside the snow began to fall.
Let's go and play in the snow!
A blanket of snow lay on the ground.
Her hair was jet-black, her lips ruby-red and her skin as white as snow.

[ C ] a single fall of snow:

We haven't had many heavy snows this winter.

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uk /snəʊ/ us /snoʊ/

snow verb (WEATHER)

A2 [ I ] If it snows, snow falls from the sky:

It's snowing.
It's starting to snow.
It had snowed overnight and a thick white layer covered the ground.
be snowed in

C2 to be unable to travel away from a place because of very heavy snow:

We were snowed in for four days last winter.

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snownoun [ C/U ]

us /snoʊ/

snow noun [ C/U ] (WEATHER)

water that falls from clouds as soft, white flakes (= thin pieces) of ice when it is cold, or an amount of these flakes:

[ U ] Six inches of snow fell overnight.
[ C ] We have had several snows in the past week.
adjective us /ˈsnoʊ·i/

It was one of the snowiest winters on record.


us /snoʊ/

snow verb (DECEIVE)

[ T ] infml to deceive someone with charming, persuasive talk:

This guy is very smooth and can snow anybody.

snow verb (WEATHER)

[ I ] If it snows, snow falls from the sky:

It snowed all weekend.


Phrasal verb(s)

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uk /snəʊ/ us
be snowed under

to have more work than you can deal with:

be snowed under with/by sth We have been snowed under with phone calls all day.
One of her major concerns is to ensure that her boss never gets snowed under.

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