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snug en inglés británico

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uk /snʌɡ/ us /snʌɡ/ snugger, snuggest

(of a person) feeling warm, comfortable, and protected, or (of a place, especially a small place) giving feelings of warmth, comfort, and protection:

We curled up in bed, all snug and warm, and listened to the storm outside.
I bet your feet are nice and snug in your fur-lined boots!

fitting closely:

These shoes are a bit too snug - do you have them in a larger size?
adverb uk /ˈsnʌɡ.li/ us /ˈsnʌɡ.li/

She's curled up snugly in the armchair, reading a book.
If we put the washing machine over there, the fridge will fit snugly (= closely) into this space.

snugnoun [ C ]

uk /snʌɡ/ us /snʌɡ/ also snuggery, UK

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snug en inglés americano

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us /snʌɡ/

snug adjective (WARM)

[ -er/-est only ] -gg- warm, comfortable, and protected:

Are you nice and snug in that sleeping bag?

snug adjective (CLOSE FITTING)

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