Significado de “soap” - en el Diccionario Inglés


uk /səʊp/ us /soʊp/

A2 [ U or C ] a substance used for washing the body or other things:

a bar of soap
liquid soap
soap and water
a soap dish/dispenser
soap bubbles
She bought me a box of nice-smelling soaps.
US To get rid of grease spots on clothing, rub a little dish soap on the spot before washing.

B1 [ C ] informal a soap opera

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soapverb [ T ]

uk /səʊp/ us /soʊp/

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soapnoun [ U ]

us /soʊp/

a substance used with water for washing or cleaning, or a block of this substance:

liquid soap

soapverb [ I/T ]

us /soʊp/

to rub or cover someone or something with soap:

[ I ] He soaped up and then rinsed off.

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