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uk /sɒd/ us /sɑːd/

sod noun (PERSON)

[ C ] UK offensive something or someone considered unpleasant or difficult:

Apparently he's a sod to work for.
What did you do that for, you stupid sod?
It was a sod of a car to repair.

[ C ] UK offensive a person:

He's won again - the lucky sod!
The poor old sod - I don't suppose he's got a home.

sod noun (GRASS)

[ S or C ] a rectangular piece that has been cut from an area of grass:

He worked fast, cutting and slicing the turf neatly, heaving the sod to one side.

[ S ] literary soil or ground:

She sleeps beneath the sod (= she is dead and has been buried).


uk /sɒd/ us /sɑːd/ also sod it! UK offensive

used to express anger:

Oh sod it - I've left my glasses behind!

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sodnoun [ U ]

us /sɑd/

dirt with grass rooted in it:

Truckloads of sod were needed to make the new lawn.

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