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soil en inglés británico

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uk /sɔɪl/ us /sɔɪl/

B2 [ C or U ] the material on the surface of the ground in which plants grow:

sandy or chalky soils

[ U ] literary a country:

It was the first time we had set foot on foreign/French/American soil (= gone to a foreign country/France/America).
the soil literary

the activity of farming:

Gardening is a way for city dwellers to return to the soil.

Más ejemplos

  • acid soil
  • This vertical section of the soil shows four basic soil layers.
  • Corn is grown a lot in this area - the soil seems to suit it very well.
  • These new plants haven't taken - they don't like this dry soil.
  • The soil in this area is very chalky.

soilverb [ T ]

uk /sɔɪl/ us /sɔɪl/ formal

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soil en inglés americano

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soilnoun [ C/U ]

us /sɔɪl/

soil noun [ C/U ] (EARTH)

the material on the surface of the ground in which plants grow; earth:

[ U ] Plant the seeds in potting soil.

Soil is sometimes a country:

[ U ] At the Olympics he was competing on foreign soil for only the third time in his life.

soilverb [ T ]

us /sɔɪl/

soil verb [ T ] (MAKE DIRTY)

to make something dirty

adjective us /sɔɪld/

soiled diapers

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