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the solar system en inglés

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the solar systemnoun [ S ]

uk /ˈsəʊ.lə ˌsɪs.təm/ us /ˈsoʊ.lɚ ˌsɪs.təm/

Examples from literature

  • Beyond the limits of the solar system, we can only watch from a distance. 
  • Launched within weeks of each other in 1977, each Voyager has been traveling in a different direction through the solar system at approximately 500 million kilometers per year. 
  • They brought us the first pictures of Saturn and Neptune and are now reaching the limits of the solar system. 

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solar system en inglés americano

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solar systemnoun [ C usually sing ]

/ˈsoʊ·lər ˌsɪs·təm/

earth science the sun and the group of planets that move around it, or a similar system somewhere else in the universe

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