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South Americanoun

uk /ˌsaʊθ əˈmer.ɪ.kə/ us /ˌsaʊθ əˈmer.ɪ.kə/

Examples from literature

  • Before the Canal, ships had to travel 15,000 kilometers around South America. 
  • In the 1500s, there were 12 million Incas living in South America. 
  • It comes from Central and South America. 
  • Lake Titicaca is a very big lake in South America. 
  • Leafcutter ants live in South America and some southern parts of North America. 
  • Many tropical fruits come from South America and Southeast Asia. 
  • Many years ago, some people living in South America took poison from the slime on frogs and put it on the end of a dart. 
  • Most marsupials live in Australia, but there are some in North and South America. 
  • Patagonia, in South America, is a place that has many ground blizzards. 
  • Simón Bolívar is a national hero in some countries in South America. 
  • Some made the dangerous trip by sea, around the bottom of South America. 
  • The marsupials traveled through South America and Antarctica and arrived in Australia about 60 million years later. 
  • They live in many parts of South America. 
  • This system is now being tried in other parts of Central and South America, such as Venezuela. 
  • Turtles are often found in the traditional stories and songs of native people across North America, Asia, Africa, and South America. 

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