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sparkleverb [ I ]

uk /ˈspɑː.kəl/ us /ˈspɑːr.kəl/

to shine brightly with a lot of small points of light:

The snow/sea sparkled in the sunlight.

If a person or performance sparkles, they are energetic, interesting, and exciting:

Alice is shy and quiet at parties, but her sister really sparkles!

sparklenoun [ U ]

uk /ˈspɑː.kəl/ us /ˈspɑːr.kəl/

bright shine:

The radiant smile and the sparkle in her blue eyes were the clear signs of a woman still deeply in love.

energy and interest:

Their latest performance of My Fair Lady really lacked sparkle.
The sparkle went out of/left her (= she became unhappy) after her husband died.

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sparkle en inglés americano

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sparkleverb [ I ]

us /ˈspɑr·kəl/

to shine brightly:

The lake sparkled in the sunlight.

fig. Someone or something that sparkles is energetic, interesting, and exciting:

His writings sparkle with intelligence.
noun [ U ] us /ˈspɑr·kəl/

We could tell she was happy by the sparkle in her eyes.

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