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Significado de “spring” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "spring" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   us   /sprɪŋ/

spring noun (SEASON)

A2 [C or U] the ​season of the ​year between ​winter and ​summer, ​lasting from ​March to ​Junenorth of the equator, and from ​September to ​Decembersouth of the ​equator, when the ​weatherbecomeswarmer, ​leaves and ​plantsstart to ​grow again and ​flowersappear: Many ​bulbsbloom in (the) spring. Janet's coming over for a ​couple of ​weeks next spring. It's been a very ​wet spring. a spring ​day/​morning spring ​flowers/​weather
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spring noun (CURVED METAL)

[C] a ​piece of ​curved or ​bentmetal that can be ​pressed into a ​smallerspace but then ​returns to ​itsusualshape: The ​children have ​jumped on the ​couch so much that they've ​ruined the springs. [U] something's ​ability to ​return to ​itsusualshape after it has been ​pressed: Over the ​years the ​mattress has ​lostits spring.

spring noun (WATER)

C1 [C] (also springs) a ​place where ​waternaturallyflows out from the ​ground: bubbling/​hot springs

springverb [I usually + adv/prep]

uk   us   /sprɪŋ/ (sprang or US also sprung, sprung)

spring verb [I usually + adv/prep] (MOVE QUICKLY)

C2 to ​movequickly and ​suddenly towards a ​particularplace: I sprang out of ​bed to ​answer the ​door. The ​organization is ​ready to spring into ​action (= ​start taking ​action) the ​moment it ​receivesitsfunding. He always springs to hisfeet when she ​walks in the ​room.figurative I ​noticed the way you sprang to hisdefence when Caroline ​startedjoking about his ​clothes. The ​lid of the ​box sprang ​shut.

spring verb [I usually + adv/prep] (APPEAR SUDDENLY)

C2 informal to ​appearsuddenly: "Where did you spring from? - I didn't ​see you come in!"


US (UK sprung)
(of ​furniture) using springs (= ​curvedpieces of ​metal) to give ​support
(Definition of spring from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "spring" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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 us   /sprɪŋ/

spring noun (SEASON)

[C/U] the ​season of the ​year between ​winter and ​summer, ​lasting from ​March to ​Junenorth of the ​equator and from ​September to ​Decembersouth of the ​equator, when the ​weatherbecomeswarmer and ​leaves and ​plantsstart to ​grow again: [C] last/this/next spring [U] It was a ​beautiful spring ​day.

spring noun (CURVED METAL)

[C] a ​piece of ​curved or ​bentmetal that can be ​pressed into a ​smallerspace but will ​return to ​itsusualshape if ​released: I could ​feel the springs of the ​lumpymattress.

spring noun (WATER)

[C] a ​place where ​waterflows out from the ​ground: The ​lake is ​fed by ​underground springs.


 us   /sprɪŋ/ (past tense sprang  /spræŋ/ or sprung  /sprʌŋ/ , past participle sprung  /sprʌŋ/ )

spring verb (MOVE QUICKLY)

to move ​quickly and ​suddenly toward a ​particularplace or to a new ​condition: [I always + adv/prep] She sprang out of ​bed and ​ran to the ​window. [L] A ​singlekick made the ​door spring ​open.

spring verb (APPEAR SUDDENLY)

[always + adv/prep] to ​appear or ​existsuddenly, or to ​cause something to ​happensuddenly: [I always + adv/prep] Little ​patches of ​weedsseem to spring up ​everywhere in my ​backyard. [T always + adv/prep] Mr. Pollack ​likes to spring ​quizzes on the ​class.
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(Definition of spring from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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