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stabilizernoun [ C ]

UK usually stabiliser uk /ˈsteɪ.bəl.aɪ.zər/ us /ˈsteɪ.bə.laɪ.zɚ/

stabilizer noun [ C ] (FOR BALANCE)

engineering a device that helps an aircraft, ship, or vehicle to balance

stabilizers [ plural ] US training wheels

small wheels attached to each side of the back wheel of a bicycle to prevent it falling over when a child is learning to ride it

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stabilizer en inglés de negocios

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stabilizernoun [ C ]

UK also stabiliser uk /ˈsteɪbɪlaɪzər/ us

ECONOMICS, FINANCE something that helps keep an economy, market, etc. stable, so that it does not change unexpectedly:

The behavior of the market is an automatic stabilizer for the economy.

PRODUCTION something such as a chemical that is added to a substance to prevent it from changing or separating into different parts:

Lead is sometimes added to PVC as an inexpensive stabilizer.

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