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Significado de “stall” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "stall" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   /stɔːl/  us   /stɑːl/

stall noun (SHOP)

B1 [C] a ​largetable or a ​smallshop with an ​openfront from which ​goods are ​sold in a ​publicplace: In the ​villagemarket, the stalls are ​piled high with ​localvegetables.
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stall noun (SMALL AREA)

[C] a ​smallclosedarea within a ​farmbuilding in which there is ​space for one ​animal to be ​kept [C] a ​smallarea of a ​room that is ​separated from the ​mainpart of the ​room by ​walls or ​curtains: There was one ​bathroom with a shower stall in the ​corner.

stall noun (SEATS)

the stalls [plural] rows of ​fixedseats in a ​church, often with the ​sides and ​backsconnected UK (US the orchestra) the ​seats on the ​mainfloor of a ​theatre or ​cinema, not at a ​higherlevel


uk   /stɔːl/  us   /stɑːl/

stall verb (ENGINE)

[I or T] If an ​engine stalls, or if you stall it, it ​stopsworkingsuddenly and without you ​intending it to ​happen: A ​car may stall ​due to the ​driverbraking too ​suddenly. I stalled the ​cartwice during my ​drivingtest but still ​managed to ​pass.

stall verb (DELAY)

[I] to ​delay taking ​action or ​avoid giving an ​answer in ​order to have more ​time to make a ​decision or get an ​advantage: She says she'll give me the ​money next ​week but I ​think she's just stalling (for ​time). [T] If you stall a ​person, you ​delay them or ​prevent them from doing something for a ​period of ​time: I ​managed to stall him for a few ​days until I'd got enough ​money to ​pay back the ​loan.mainly US The ​thiefbroke into the ​office while his ​accomplice stalled off the ​securityguard. [I] to ​stop making ​progress: Japan's ​economicgrowth has stalled, with ​industrialproductioncontracting in ​June for the fourth ​straightmonth. [T] If you stall an ​event, you ​delay it or ​prevent it from making ​progress: Commandos stalled the ​enemyattack by ​destroying three ​bridges. Fears are ​growing that a ​taxincrease may stall ​economicrecovery.
(Definition of stall from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "stall" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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stallverb [I/T]

 us   /stɔl/

stall verb [I/T] (DELAY)

to ​delay or put off ​action: [I] They’re just stalling, ​trying to ​avoid making a ​decision. [T] I can stall him for a few ​minutes.

stall verb [I/T] (STOP WORKING)

to ​cause a ​vehicle or ​engine to ​stopsuddenly, or of a ​vehicle or ​engine to ​stopsuddenly: [I] My ​car stalled at the ​trafficlight.

stallnoun [C]

 us   /stɔl/

stall noun [C] (AREA)

a ​separatearea in which an ​animal is ​kept A stall is also a ​smallenclosedspace used for a ​particularpurpose: The ​bathroom had a tiled ​shower stall.
(Definition of stall from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "stall" - Diccionario Inglés para los negocios

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uk   us   /stɔːl/
[I or T] if a ​process or ​system stalls or something stalls it, it suddenly ​stopsdeveloping or making ​progress: Japan's ​economicgrowth has stalled. Contract ​negotiations between ​management and the ​union have stalled again. I don't believe there was a deliberate ​plan to stall the ​process.
[I] if someone stalls, they do not answer a ​question immediately or continue a discussion, in ​order to give themselves more ​time to ​think: "I have to ​look it up on my ​machine at ​home," he said stalling for ​time.

stallnoun [C]

uk   us   /stɔːl/ COMMERCE
a ​table or ​structure from which someone ​sells things on the street or in an outdoor ​market: She set up a stall at the ​fair to ​sell her jewelery. A ​long row of market stalls was ​filled with every ​kind of ​food you could imagine.
(Definition of stall from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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