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stancenoun [ C ]

us /stæns/

stance noun [ C ] (OPINION)

an opinion about something, esp. one that is publicly expressed:

The governor’s stance on the issue of tax cuts is well known.

stance noun [ C ] (WAY OF STANDING)

a way of standing:

He had the stance of a baseball player focusing on the ball.

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stance en inglés de negocios

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stancenoun [ C ]

uk /stæns/ us

a particular way of thinking about something, especially when those opinions are expressed publicly or officially:

an ethical/fiscal/moral stance
a stance against/on/towards sth The government took a tough stance against terrorism.
adopt/take a stance
an aggressive/defensive/tough stance

FINANCE the way in which investors behave that shows whether or not they are confident about the profit they can make:

Fund managers can take a defensive stance in times of market uncertainty.
a bearish/bullish stance

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