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standing ordernoun

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[ C or U ] UK also banker's order BANKING an instruction to a bank to pay a particular amount of money at regular times from a person's bank account to another bank account:

set up a standing order (from sth to sth) One of the secrets of successful saving is to set up a standing order from your current account to a deposit account.
The bank agreed she could pay by standing order.

[ C or U ] COMMERCE an arrangement by which a person or a company regularly sends an agreed quantity of goods to a customer or performs agreed services for a customer without the customer having to place an order each time:

They have a standing order every January to supply 50 uniforms for a local karate school.
standing orders [ plural ]

MEETINGS rules that say how an organization or a company should organize its meetings:

The chairman claimed that any action he had taken was in keeping with the standing orders of a council meeting .

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