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sterling en inglés británico

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sterling en inglés americano

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sterlingadjective [ not gradable ]

us /ˈstɜr·lɪŋ/

of the highest quality:

McCoy had a sterling season last year.

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sterling en inglés de negocios

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sterlingnoun [ U ]

uk /ˈstɜːlɪŋ/ us MONEY, ECONOMICS

the British system of currency, based on the pound:

sterling rises/falls Sterling rose against the dollar to $1.5522.
in sterling Our prices are in sterling.
You can pay in pounds sterling or in US dollars.


uk /ˈstɜːlɪŋ/ us

used to describe a metal, especially silver, that has a particular high level of purity (= measure of how pure it is):

Offers include a 124-piece set of sterling silver cutlery at €4,495.

of a very high standard:

The lowest rates and best deals go to customers with sterling credit.
There have been sterling performances by some hedge fund managers.

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