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Significado de “stitch” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "stitch" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   us   /stɪtʃ/

stitch noun (THREAD)

C2 [C] a ​piece of ​threadsewn in ​cloth, or the ​singlemovement of a ​needle and ​thread into and out of the ​cloth that ​produces this: Secure the two ​pieces together with a ​couple of stitches. [C] one of the ​smallcircles of ​wool that you make when you are knitting: He cast on/off a stitch (= ​added/​removed a ​length of ​thread from the ​needle). I've dropped a stitch (= ​lost a ​length of ​thread from the ​needle). [C] a ​particulartype of stitch made in ​sewing or knitting, or the ​pattern that this ​produces: a ​pearl/​satin stitch The ​bedspread was ​embroidered with ​cross-stitch.C2 [C] a ​length of ​specialthread used to ​join the ​edges of a ​deepcut in the ​flesh: Her ​headwoundsneeded 50 stitches. He got ​hit with a ​brokenbottle and ​needed five stitches in his ​cheek.not a stitch informal without any ​clothes: I don't have a stitch to ​wear (= I do not have anything ​suitable to ​wear) for this ​partytonight. She ​ran down the ​hall to the ​bathroom without a stitch on (= ​naked).
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stitch noun (PAIN)

[C usually singular] a ​sharppain in the ​side of ​yourstomach or ​chest, often ​caused by not ​breathing enough when ​running or ​laughing: I got a stitch after ​running for the ​bus.


uk   us   /stɪtʃ/
[I or T] to ​sew two things together, or to ​repair something by ​sewing: This ​buttonneeds to be stitched back onto my ​shirt. Stitch the ​pieces together along the ​fold. [T] Indian English to make a ​piece of ​clothing: I must ​discard these ​oldshirts and stitch some before next ​summer.
noun [U] uk   us   /ˈstɪtʃ.ɪŋ/
The stitching along my ​coathem is coming ​undone.
(Definition of stitch from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "stitch" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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stitchnoun [C]

 us   /stɪtʃ/

stitch noun [C] (THREAD)

a ​piece of ​threadsewn in ​cloth, or the ​singlemovement of a ​needle and ​thread into and out of the ​cloth that ​produces this: She ​sewedneat, ​firm stitches. A stitch is also a ​length of ​specialthread used to ​join the ​edges of a ​deepcut in the ​flesh: A ​cut on his ​leftanklerequired six stitches.

stitch noun [C] (PAIN)

a ​sharppain in the ​side of ​yourstomach or ​chest: I got a stitch while I was ​running.

stitchverb [T]

 us   /stɪtʃ/

stitch verb [T] (USE THREAD)

to ​sew two things together, or to ​repair something by ​sewing: His ​name is stitched onto the back of his ​boxingtrunks. Someone who has been stitched up has had a ​deepcutclosed with stitches: [M] The ​operationstarted at 8 a.m., and Bobby was stitched up by midafternoon.
(Definition of stitch from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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