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stock-in-trade en inglés

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stock-in-tradenoun [ U ]

uk /ˌstɒk.ɪnˈtreɪd/ us /ˌstɑːk.ɪnˈtreɪd/

the typical characteristics or behaviour of someone or something:

The song was perfect for the soft vocals that are her stock-in-trade.

old-fashioned the tools and other objects that you need for your job

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stock in trade en inglés americano

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stock in tradenoun [ C usually sing ]

us /ˈstɑk ɪn ˈtreɪd/

a person's typical way of behaving, or a skill that is usual for someone:

He spoke with the humor and warmth that has become his stock in trade.

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stock-in-trade en inglés de negocios

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stock-in-tradenoun [ U ]

uk us

also trading stock ACCOUNTING, FINANCE goods, such as parts, materials, and other assets, that a company or person owns:

Land is both stock-in-trade and a financial liability.
This list of contacts is your stock-in-trade.

the normal business of a person or company:

Stories about scams are the stock-in-trade of political reporters.
This company's stock-in-trade is buying houses in poor shape, fixing them up, and reselling them.

someone's usual behaviour or characteristics:

His stock-in-trade was a volcanic anger.

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