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Significado de “straight” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "straight" - Diccionario Inglés

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straightadjective, adverb

uk   us   /streɪt/

straight adjective, adverb (NOT CURVING)

A2 continuing in one ​direction without ​bending or ​curving: a straight ​line She has straight ​blondehair. Skirts this ​summer are ​long and straight. Can't you ​see it? - it's straight ahead (of you)! The ​dogseemed to be coming straight at/for me. Go straight along this ​road and ​turnleft at the ​trafficlights.
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straight adjective, adverb (HONEST)

B2 honest: Just be straight with her and ​tell her how you ​feel.informal Tell me straight, would you ​rather we didn't go ​tonight? straight out If you ​tell someone something straight out, you say it ​directly and ​honestly, without ​trying to make what you are saying more ​pleasant: I told her straight out that I didn't ​love her any more.


uk   us   /streɪt/

straight adverb (IMMEDIATELY)

B1 immediately: I got ​home and went straight to ​bed. We'll go straight to the ​party after ​dinner. Time is ​short so I'll get straight to the ​point (= ​explain the ​matterimmediately).
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straight away/off B1 mainly UK (US usually right away/off) immediately: I ​knew straight away what you were ​thinking. We don't need to go straight off - we can ​stay for a little while.
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straight adverb (CLEAR)

C1 clearly: You ​know you've had too much to ​drink when you can't see straight. I'm so ​tired I can't think straight any more.


uk   us   /streɪt/

straight adjective (CLEAR)

C1 [before noun] clear or not ​complicated: It's a straight ​choice - either you ​leave him or you ​stay. Let's get this straight - you're ​travelling to Frankfurt on ​Monday and Brussels on ​Tuesday, is that ​correct?
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  • Just so that I ​know I've got this straight, ​tell me again which ​days you're in the ​office.
  • We did a straight ​swap.

straight adjective (LEVEL)

B2 level and not ​sloping to either ​side: This picture's not straight. The ​shelf isn't straight - it ​sags in the ​middle.

straight adjective (PLAIN)

plain and ​basic, or without anything ​added: No ​tonic for me, ​please, I like my ​vodka straight. Straight ​pasta is very ​bland - you need some ​kind of ​sauce to make it ​interesting.

straight adjective (FOLLOWING EACH OTHER)

[before noun] following one after another without an ​interruption: They're the only ​team to have ​won ten straight ​games this ​season.

straight adjective (TIDY)

[after verb] UK tidy, or ​arranged in ​order: It only took an ​hour to get the ​flat straight after the ​party. Do you have a ​mirror? - I'll just put my hair straight.

straight adjective (TRADITIONAL)

informal traditional or ​serious: disapproving He was a ​nice enough ​guy, but he was so straight - I always ​felt I had to be on my ​bestbehaviour with him. There's a lot of straight ​theatre at the ​festival as well as the ​newer, more ​experimentalstuff.

straight adjective (SEXUAL PREFERENCE)

informal not ​gay

straight adjective (NO DRUGS)

informal not using ​illegaldrugs or ​alcohol: He's been straight for five ​months.

straight adjective (NOT OWING MONEY)

[after verb] informal neither ​owingnorowed any ​money: You ​bought the ​tickets, so if I ​pay for the ​taxi, we'll be straight.

straightnoun [C]

uk   us   /streɪt/

straight noun [C] (SPORTS TRACK)

(US usually straightaway) the straight ​part of a racetrack (= the ​track on which ​competitorsrace): And the ​runners are just coming up to the finishing straight.

straight noun [C] (SEXUAL PREFERENCE)

informal a ​person who is not ​gay
(Definition of straight from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "straight" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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straightadjective, adverb

 us   /streɪt/

straight adjective, adverb (NOT CURVING)

[-er/-est only] not bending or ​curving: Draw a straight ​line between the two ​dots. Stand up straight. The ​carseemed to be coming straight at me.

straight adjective, adverb (LEVEL)

[-er/-est only] not ​leaning to either ​side; ​level: Since the ​wall is ​crooked, how can the ​picturehang straight?

straight adjective, adverb (BASIC)

[-er/-est only] without anything ​added or ​changed; ​basic or ​true: Things have ​gotten so ​bad, I ​think it’s ​time for some straight ​talk. She couldn’t give a straight ​answer to any ​question. It’s ​important to ​tell the ​story straight, ​exactly as it ​happened. [-er/-est only] If an ​alcoholicdrink is taken straight, it has no ​water, ​ice, or other ​liquidadded to it.

straight adjective, adverb (FOLLOWING)

[not gradable] following one after another without an ​interruption; consecutive : The ​team had ​won four straight ​games before they ​lost this one. Sometimes we ​work 16 ​hours straight.

straightadverb [not gradable]

 us   /streɪt/

straight adverb [not gradable] (IMMEDIATELY)

without ​delay; ​immediately or ​directly: I got to the ​hotel and went straight to ​bed. If you get straight to the ​point, you say ​immediately what is on ​yourmind: My ​bosssimply said, "I’ll get straight to the ​point. You’re ​fired!"

straight adverb [not gradable] (DIRECTLY)

clearly or ​directly: This ​valentine comes straight from my ​heart.straight out If you ​tell someone something straight out, you say it ​immediately and without a ​longexplanation or any ​excuses: I ​walked in, and she told me straight out what had ​happened.

straight adverb [not gradable] (CLEARLY)

clearly; ​plainly: I’m so ​tired I can’t ​think straight ​anymore.

straightadjective [not gradable]

 us   /streɪt/ infml

straight adjective [not gradable] (NOT HOMOSEXUAL)

(Definition of straight from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "straight" - Diccionario Inglés para los negocios

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uk   us   /streɪt/
honest and ​clear: When quizzed, the ​candidatefailed to give a straight straight with sb Until recently, politicians were reluctant to be straight with the electorate on the ​issue of their ​expenses.
following one after another without an ​interruption: It is the company's sixth straight ​year of ​decliningrevenue.


uk   us   /streɪt/
put/set the record straight to tell someone the ​true facts about something when they have been given wrong ​information: Although the ​firm quickly put the ​record straight, the ​news had a ​negativeimpact on their ​shares.
(Definition of straight from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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