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straightadjective, adverb

uk /streɪt/ us /streɪt/

straight adjective, adverb (NOT CURVING)

A2 continuing in one direction without bending or curving:

a straight line
She has straight blonde hair.
Skirts this summer are long and straight.
Can't you see it? - it's straight ahead (of you)!
The dog seemed to be coming straight at/for me.
Go straight along this road and turn left at the traffic lights.

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straight adjective, adverb (HONEST)

B2 honest:

Just be straight with her and tell her how you feel.
informal Tell me straight, would you rather we didn't go tonight?
straight out

If you tell someone something straight out, you say it directly and honestly, without trying to make what you are saying more pleasant:

I told her straight out that I didn't love her any more.


uk /streɪt/ us /streɪt/

straight adverb (IMMEDIATELY)

B1 immediately:

I got home and went straight to bed.
We'll go straight to the party after dinner.
Time is short so I'll get straight to the point (= explain the matter immediately).
See also
straight away/off B1 mainly UK US usually right away/off


I knew straight away what you were thinking.
We don't need to go straight off - we can stay for a little while.

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straight adverb (CLEAR)

C1 clearly:

You know you've had too much to drink when you can't see straight.
I'm so tired I can't think straight any more.


uk /streɪt/ us /streɪt/

straight adjective (LEVEL)

B2 level and not sloping to either side:

This picture's not straight.
The shelf isn't straight - it sags in the middle.

straight adjective (TIDY)

[ after verb ] UK tidy, or arranged in order:

It only took an hour to get the flat straight after the party.
Do you have a mirror? - I'll just put my hair straight.

straight adjective (SEXUAL PREFERENCE)

informal not gay

straight adjective (NO DRUGS)

informal not using illegal drugs or alcohol:

He's been straight for five months.

straightnoun [ C ]

uk /streɪt/ us /streɪt/

straight noun [ C ] (SEXUAL PREFERENCE)

informal a person who is not gay

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straightadjective, adverb

us /streɪt/

straight adjective, adverb (NOT CURVING)

[ -er/-est only ] not bending or curving:

Draw a straight line between the two dots.
Stand up straight.
The car seemed to be coming straight at me.

straight adjective, adverb (LEVEL)

[ -er/-est only ] not leaning to either side; level:

Since the wall is crooked, how can the picture hang straight?

straight adjective, adverb (BASIC)

[ -er/-est only ] without anything added or changed; basic or true:

Things have gotten so bad, I think it’s time for some straight talk.
She couldn’t give a straight answer to any question.
It’s important to tell the story straight, exactly as it happened.

[ -er/-est only ] If an alcoholic drink is taken straight, it has no water, ice, or other liquid added to it.

straight adjective, adverb (FOLLOWING)

[ not gradable ] following one after another without an interruption; consecutive:

The team had won four straight games before they lost this one.
Sometimes we work 16 hours straight.

straightadverb [ not gradable ]

us /streɪt/

straight adverb [ not gradable ] (IMMEDIATELY)

without delay; immediately or directly:

I got to the hotel and went straight to bed.

If you get straight to the point, you say immediately what is on your mind:

My boss simply said, "I’ll get straight to the point. You’re fired!"

straight adverb [ not gradable ] (DIRECTLY)

clearly or directly:

This valentine comes straight from my heart.
straight out

If you tell someone something straight out, you say it immediately and without a long explanation or any excuses:

I walked in, and she told me straight out what had happened.

straight adverb [ not gradable ] (CLEARLY)

clearly; plainly:

I’m so tired I can’t think straight anymore.

straightadjective [ not gradable ]

us /streɪt/ infml

straight adjective [ not gradable ] (NOT HOMOSEXUAL)

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straight en inglés de negocios

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uk /streɪt/ us

honest and clear:

When quizzed, the candidate failed to give a straight answer.
be straight with sb Until recently, politicians were reluctant to be straight with the electorate on the issue of their expenses.

following one after another without an interruption:

It is the company's sixth straight year of declining revenue.


uk /streɪt/ us
put/set the record straight

to tell someone the true facts about something when they have been given wrong information:

Although the firm quickly put the record straight, the news had a negative impact on their shares.

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