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strategynoun [ C or U ]

uk /ˈstræt.ə.dʒi/ us /ˈstræt̬.ə.dʒi/

B2 a detailed plan for achieving success in situations such as war, politics, business, industry, or sport, or the skill of planning for such situations:

The president held an emergency meeting to discuss military strategy with the Pentagon yesterday.
Their marketing strategy for the product involves obtaining as much free publicity as possible.
[ + to infinitive ] We're working on new strategies to improve our share of the market.

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strategynoun [ C/U ]

us /ˈstræt̬·ə·dʒi/

a long-range plan for achieving something or reaching a goal, or the skill of making such plans:

[ U ] Chess is a game that requires strategy.
adjective us /strəˈti·dʒɪk/

The hill was of strategic importance for control of the countryside.
adverb us /strəˈti·dʒɪk·li/

The cameras are strategically placed in areas with the most criminal activity.

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strategynoun [ C or U ]

uk /ˈstrætədʒi/ us plural strategies MANAGEMENT

the way in which a business, government, or other organization carefully plans its actions over a period of time to improve its position and achieve what it wants:

Business environments and strategies are constantly changing in response to economic and financial variables.
She redefined how companies think about strategy.
The group's report represents a fundamental change in strategy.
a strategy for doing sth How has the slowdown in the current business cycle affected your strategy for growing the business?
a strategy for sth The company president has mapped out a strategy for sustainable growth in the 21st century.
a strategy of sth The group's strategy of overseas diversification helped it overcome tough conditions at home.
a strategy of doing sth The airline is now reaping the rewards from its strategy of cutting seat numbers and focusing on higher-paying business passengers.
develop/design/produce a strategy Companies must develop strategies for adapting their brands to changing trends in the marketplace.
outline/formulate/identify a strategy In order to expand your e-business operations, you need to formulate a clear strategy.
work on/work out/come up with a strategy CEOs and top government officials should try to come up with a strategy for economic development that isn't simply a series of short-term political payoffs.
pursue/follow a strategy They are pursuing a strategy of acquisitions to spread their third-generation mobile technology beyond the domestic market
a long-term/overall strategy Pricing is only one element of an overall strategy to curb congestion.
a good/successful/winning strategy
sales/pricing strategies

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