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streak en inglés británico

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streaknoun [ C ]

uk /striːk/ us /striːk/


uk /striːk/ us /striːk/

streak verb (MARK)

be streaked

to have long, thin noticeable lines of a different colour:

Doesn't Chris look good with her hair streaked?
Her clothes were streaked with mud.
White marble is frequently streaked with grey, black, or green.

Phrasal verb(s)

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streak en inglés americano

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streaknoun [ C ]

us /strik/

streak noun [ C ] (MARK)

a mark of a color that is different from what surrounds it, or a thin strip of light:

Streaks of gray and black colored the marble.
The comet appeared as a dazzling streak in the sky.

streak noun [ C ] (CHARACTERISTIC)

an obvious characteristic in a personality:

He seems to have a mean streak that I hadn’t noticed before.

streak noun [ C ] (PERIOD)

a period during which a series of things happens:

What will the team do after this memorable eight-game winning streak?


us /strik/

streak verb (MOVE FAST)

[ I always + adv/prep ] to move quickly:

The space shuttle rose from its launching pad and streaked into the sky.

streak verb (MARK)

[ T ] to make lines of a different color in or on something:

Her cheeks were streaked with sweat and dirt.

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streak en inglés de negocios

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streaknoun [ C, usually singular ]

uk /striːk/ us

a period of time during which something continues to happen, for example to go up or down in value or to succeed or fail:

a streak of sth Stocks tumbled Thursday, ending a three-session streak of record highs.
a winning/losing streak Wall Street broke a three-day losing streak as the Dow closed up 137.33 points at 9188.15.

a part of someone's personality:

an ambitous/competitive/independent streak
a streak of determination/independence/arrogance

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