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strongly en inglés británico

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uk /ˈstrɒŋ.li/ us /ˈstrɑːŋ.li/

strongly adverb (NOT WEAK)

B2 very much or in a very serious way:

They strongly believe their children should make choices for themselves.
Many locals are strongly opposed to the development.

Más ejemplos

  • Do you feel very strongly about this?
  • Sex outside marriage is strongly disapproved of in some cultures.
  • The government's proposals have been strongly criticized by the trade unions.
  • It was a strongly worded statement.
  • We, the undersigned, strongly object to the closure of St. Mary's Hospital: Jack James (Dr), Philippa Curry (Dr), Hugh Edwards.

(Definición de strongly del Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

strongly en inglés americano

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us /ˈstrɔŋ·li/

strongly adverb (IN IMPORTANT WAY)

in a very important or serious way:

Beliefs are strongly tied to culture.

strongly adverb (IN PERSUASIVE WAY)

[ not gradable ] in a persuasive or determined way:

He is strongly opposed to censorship.
Voters strongly supported the candidate.

strongly adverb (IN WAY THAT IS HARD TO BREAK)

in a way or form that is difficult to break:

The castle walls were strongly constructed of stone.

(Definición de strongly del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

strongly en inglés de negocios

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uk /ˈstrɒŋli/ us

in a way that shows that something is performing well or improving a lot:

Markets on both sides of the Atlantic have performed strongly.
The FTSE 100 later bounced back strongly to close 134.6 points higher at 4131.

in a way that shows strong feelings or opinions:

The project was strongly opposed by environmental groups.
She has strongly denied the allegations.

(Definición de strongly del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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