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uk /stʌk/ us /stʌk/

past simple and past participle of stick


uk /stʌk/ us /stʌk/

B2 unable to move, or set in a particular position, place, or way of thinking:

This door seems to be stuck - can you help me push it open?
Seven of us were stuck in the lift for over an hour.
I hate being stuck (= having to be) behind a desk - I'd rather work outside.

in a difficult situation, or unable to change or get away from a situation:

We'd be stuck if your sister hadn't offered to come over and look after the children tonight.

C1 not able to continue reading, answering questions, etc. because something is too difficult:

I'm really stuck - do you have any idea how to answer these questions?
be stuck with sb/sth

C2 to have to deal with someone or something unpleasant because you have no choice or because no one else wants to:

We were stuck with him for the entire journey!

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stuck en inglés americano

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us /stʌk/

stuck (STICK)

past simple and past participle of stick

stuckadjective [ not gradable ]

us /stʌk/

unable to move from a particular position or place, or unable to change a situation:

This door seems to be stuck.
I hate being stuck at a desk all day.
Ty got stuck with doing the laundry.

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